Seastar Amphibian Airplanes

June 2010, Greetings, potential Seastar builders,

There has been some changes in doing business and the recession and with it the soft market following, effecting us as well as many other businesses, restructuring had become unavoidable.

We are more then ever committed in producing the best amphibian airplane kits possible and have decided to concentrate more on North American supplies, a bit more secure and easier able to drop in, if necessary, to be part of the process without crossing oceans.

We will advise later on the changes in our latest airplane design, the Seastar-SeaLoon, but our philosophy has remained pretty much the same, as to the functionality and afford ability, with the North American customers size in mind and the desire to utilize this kind of airplane, to reach those remote places one can only dream of at times.

We always believed to be able to provide the best product in its class, one that we can be proud of putting the Seastar name on. Wilderness flying with high travel speed, but more then that, a quick lift off even in higher elevations, with the comfort of almost a camper on wings, necessary if stuck in foul weather.

The safety of such an airplane, just like today,s cars with airbags, an airplane with a ballistic recovery system as an integrate part. To get out of a difficult situation, also having a build in lifting attachment ready at any time and that with all the necessary water/boat paraphernalia and folding/remoovable wings, to store and to trailer easily, bringing the weight outside the Ultralight rules and into the 49-51-Experimental category.

Embarking with your wishes and our longtime experience of over 10 years, exclusively in the amphibian airplane market, to be able to supply to our clients, a state of the art product, a true amphibian flying boat with more capacity and speed.

We also have recently entered into a strategic development alliance with -Equator- the latest amphibian design, anticipating to fill the market requirement as a S-LSA Amphibian , a real fun day flyer and training amphibian with some exceptional features, to many to discuss here.

To all our customers over the years , we will assist you with your present design and needs on the former supplied bi-plane version and for those that want to move on to the next level, in flying an amphibian right away, we still have a few airplanes from past production, some flying, some in various state of completion for you, as you are awaiting your new Seastar-SeaLoon or the Equator, give us a call.

Best regards,

Hans Schaer